Planting a Tree

Hey there! It’s that wonderful time of year again when trees go into their sweet winter sleep. But did you know that this is also the perfect time to plant some new trees? Not only do trees add beauty and peace to our world, they work hard to purify the air, conserve water, and remove pollutants. They look like superheroes of nature!

Now, imagine this: You and your loved ones are on a fun family adventure to choose and plant your own tree. It can symbolize new beginnings, like planting a tree for the toddler on the way. Think of all the memories they will have growing up and playing in the shade! Or maybe you want to honor someone special who has passed away, or even give the tree a funny name just for the sake of a laugh. The possibilities are endless!

Imagine in the future, enjoying sunny summer days, having a picnic in the shade of your beautiful tree, or even feeling the gentle breeze while swinging from a rope or hammock It seems you have your own personal oasis right in your backyard. Like the famous Century Tree on the campus of Texas A&M University, which has created countless memories for students and visitors, your own tree can be a source of joy and favorite moments.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s make Aggieland even more impressive one tree at a time! If you need help choosing the perfect tree for your space, you can check the Texas A&M University website or contact your local nursery. They will be more than happy to help you on this leafy journey.

For help selecting the type of tree to plant check out Texas A&M University website or your local nursery.

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